DJ Luis Santamaria

Over 30 years of DJ experience at your service  

What We Do

Our web site is still under construction, but we will let you know more soon. For now you can call us at (619) 607.5166 and visit our social media Insta and FB: English Beat Sound

Illumination Systems

We can provide you with laser, lights and much more for your event.


Being in business since the early 1980's, we can please any music taste your event needs.


We can organize all your event needs using our affiliates, or we'll be happy to synchronize with your other providers.

Enjoy a great event, let us take care of all your party needs.

Party systems with laser lights, screens, smoke, music, DJ, decorations, and everything you need to have a great time.

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  • #1 DJ for your party

    #1 DJ for your party

    Over 30 years of experience playing and mixing music at night clubs, bars, house parties and other events.

  • English beat Sound and party systems

    English beat Sound and party systems

    Let us take care of bringing your party to life with lights, music, screens, smoke, lasers, and much more.

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His experience includes night clubs, bars, restaurants, special events, personal parties, and more.

DJ Luis Santamaria